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Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed Auto Transport

Familiar with enclosed auto transport?

Chances are, you may have seen these enclosed carriers on highways and city roads, transporting vehicles of varying sizes from one location to another.

The key benefit of enclosed car carriers is that they have hard or soft sides which protect your vehicles from the elements. Regardless of the distance or environments your cars will be transported through, the varying weather, airborne bacteria, and other potential hazards all pose risks to your car’s condition. These can affect your paintwork, mirrors, lights, or tires – which you obviously want to avoid.

Enclosed Transportation for Everyone

Enclosed auto transport is a popular option for anyone looking to transport their cars from A to B. Perhaps you want to ship your vehicle or collection of cars carried to your new home on the other side of the country. Perhaps you’re setting up a new business in another state, and have a fleet of company cars to transport. Perhaps your car-dealership has several vehicles to send from one city to another.

Whatever the reason, our enclosed car shipping is the ideal solution for safe, secure vehicle transportation.

Our specialized carriers feature high-quality straps we attract to your vehicle wheels, to minimize any unwanted movement or shifting during the shipping process. Many of our carriers also have hydraulic lifts to help certain types of cars gain access (such as low-slung vehicles).

The Benefits of Enclosed Car Transportation

Enclosed car shipping is usually used for cargo of a higher value, and you’ll get complete peace of mind knowing your cars are well-protected during the transportation process. Our drivers are committed to getting your vehicles from the collection point to the delivery destination without a single scratch.

When you need to get your vehicles from one place to another, you have three main concerns: the safety of your cars, the time-scale, and the cost. It’s vital to make sure we provide a service that satisfies you on all three points, for total peace of mind.

An enclosed car carrier will keep your vehicles under cover, with robust protection at the sides, to eliminate any dangers from dirt, dust, grime, and other elemental &  environmental elements.

When you sign up for an enclosed auto transport service, we’ll talk you through the entire process so you can rest assured that your vehicles will be secured to the carrier for maximum safety. Our friendly, helpful team are happy to answer any questions and ensure you understand the process, from start to finish.

We’re a bonded and certificated company catering to commercial and domestic customers. Whether you have company cars to transport or you want to move your vehicle to your new home across the country, give us a call! From Washington DC to New York, from Seattle to Miami, our drivers will get your vehicles to their destination on time, safely, and securely.

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