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Car Shipping from Georgia to Florida  

Looking to transport your car or fleet of vehicles from Georgia to Florida?

There are 365.9 miles  from Georgia to Florida by car, via I-75 S route, Trust Transporteam to get them there safely, securely, and on time.

It’s never been easier than with our auto transport services. We hire only the most reliable drivers to get your cars to Florida, and they make this journey on a regular basis.

On top of this, we offer you some truly competitive rates, providing affordable services to businesses and civilians alike. 

Georgia to Florida Auto Transport 

No matter whether you want to transport your cars from Georgia to Florida in the coldest days of winter or high summer, we’re here for you. You can schedule our services for a couple days from now, two weeks from now, or a few months from now – it’s a simple process for maximum satisfaction.

At Transporteam, we provide you with door to door transportation: our drivers will come to your home to collect and deliver your cars. Running a business? Don’t worry – we’ll collect and deliver from your company’s site too.

We’ll collect your car from any area of Georgia, from Richmond County to Columbus, from Cusseta to Georgetown. At the other end of your cars’ journey, we’ll drop your vehicles in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, or Key West. Just let us know the exact location and we’ll get it there.

If, as in a rare case, we cannot reach your property, we’ll arrange a local site that’s more suitable. This may be due to space restrictions or regional regulations, so please let us know at the earliest stage if you’re aware of these.

Georgia to Florida Transportation Rates 

Want to know how much your cars’ transportation from Georgia to Florida will cost? Use the simple query form on our homepage, telling us the key details – journey date, your vehicles’ make and model, and a few others. We’ll assess this information and get back to you with the most competitive quote we can.

The rate we’ll offer you will depend on your car’s size and weight, the time, the date, and the distance involved in your transportation. We’ll discuss your exact needs and ensure we meet your unique requirements along the way.

Moving Your Cars from Georgia to Florida 

As a bonded and certificated auto transport company, we’re dedicated to getting your vehicles from A to B as quick as we can, via the safest routes for your peace of mind.

We transport cars from Georgia to Florida for domestic and commercial purposes. Businesses might be relocating to a new site, and need their fleet of company vehicles moving from one state to another. Civilians might be moving home and need to get their cars taken to their new property at an affordable rate.

Whatever your reasons, whatever the date, if you need auto transport services from Georgia to Florida, contact us for a quote today. We’re fully bonded and certificated, so you can trust your cars will be safe and secure at every step of the trip.